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Beagle offers practical solutions to sustainability issues. With our support you can solve  the simple, less simple and  above all the complex questions that arise in the sustainable development of  your company, neighbourhood or estate lands. We advise companies, governments, NGOs and research institutes.

We provide consultancy and expertise on sustainable land use, biodiversity, multi-stakeholder processes and international supply chain management. We structure sustainability problems, search for possible solutions and offer support in teaming up with the right partners and stakeholders through targeted training and communications. Beagle works in partnership Synergos Communications and other specialists in sustainability  consultancytraining en communications .


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More impact for the same budget

We welcome your feedback on the preliminary findings of  a Beagle/Tropenbos International study Synergies between international forest related financing initiatives. The study focuses on how to improve coherence between the many international forest funding streams. It aims to gain a better understanding of the underlying drivers for coordination.

Please send us your comment before october 6th. Thanks!




International Sustainable development

Applications are still open for the part-time course on International Sustainable Development”, held at Leiden University for Applied Science. Beagle contributes with lectures on business and sustainable supply chains.  The target audience is people dealing with business and sustainability in emerging countries





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